Using Drupal TeasersUsing Drupal Teasers

When you create content and promote it to the front page or assign it to a category then a teaser or summary of that content will show with a link to the full content. You have three ways to control the teaser:

  1. Use the Drupal default setting and Drupal will automatically take a teaser for you based on the length of trimmed posts setting which can be configured at: Content management > Post settings. The default is set at 600 characters. You can also change the number of teasers that will display per page.
  2. Insert a teaser break and all content before the teaser break will display as your teaser. Note: the teaser break is a button that is available in the editor.
  3. Sometimes you may want to display a teaser with different content than what's on the full page. In this case you will want to use the Teaser CCK field.*Tutorial pending*