CMS Videos ThemeCMS Videos Theme

The CMS Videos theme comes with all CMS Quick Start base theme features, theme settings, and regions/layout options plus these additional features:

  • Featured content block with slideshow of featured videos
  • Video content type - details listed below
  • 5 colors and 4 background styles
  • Most recent, most viewed, and top rated videos - the system will automatically track these stats and display the videos on the home page accordingly
  • My favorites - users can save videos to their my favorites page
  • Share links - users can bookmark/share links to your videos on Delicious, Digg, and other Social sites
  • 5 star ratings - users can rate videos on a scale of 1 to 5 stars
  • Related videos block - assign videos to categories and related videos will show in the right sidebar

Using the Video content type and featured content block with slideshow

Go to: Content management > Create content > Video

Create your content in the same manner as described in the "Create Content Tutorial" plus the following options below:

Embed Video

Enter the URL or embed code from Youtube,, Vimeo, Google, MetaCafe, or Ustream.

Embed Video custom thumbnail

Optional field. For example if you paste the URL of a Youtube video then the thumbnail for the Youtube video will be used. If you prefer you can upload your own image thumbnail at a size of 141 x 106 pixels. This thumbnail will display on the home page under the most recent, most viewed, and top rated tabs and also on the category and my favorites pages.


Select a category from the drop down menu. You can change the categories by going to Content management > Taxonomy > list terms.


Enter the length for the video in the format of 3:23 - this would be three minutes and twenty three seconds.

Teaser Title

The title that will show in the featured block.

Teaser Description

The description text that will show in the featured block.


Upload an image that is at least 618 x 360 pixels. If you upload a larger image the system will scale the image down to fit in the featured home page block. As a best practice you should try to optimize your images before uploading them to the system so that you can maintain the highest quality and optimal file size.

Alternate text - this text will be used by screen readers, search engines, or when the image cannot be loaded.

Show in featured block

Check this box to show in the featured block on the home page.

Setting the Theme Color and Background Styles

  1. Go to Site building > Themes > Configure > CMS Grunge Custom
  2. Scroll down the page and click to expand Layout settings.
  3. You will see options for changing the color and background styles. Update these options then scroll to the bottom and click save configuration.