Install Your CMS Drupal ThemeInstall Your CMS Drupal Theme


To install our Drupal themes it is assumed that:

  1. You have Drupal friendly hosting: (see:, if not please ask your host to upgrade your hosting account to meet the requirements. Also request the php memory to be set to 128mb to prevent any memory related issues.
  2. You know how to create a MySQL database
  3. You know how to use FTP

If  you don't have the knowledge or if you prefer, we can install the theme for you at $35 per installation. Please login and on your My Account page use the Request Support link on the right side of the page.

Drupal Theme Installation Instructions with Install Profile

  1. Download and unzip the theme package and upload all of the files to your server via ftp. As a convenience, the package comes with Drupal and all the required modules that have been tested to work with the theme. If you are unsure how to unzip the file you can download and install the free 7zip software from
  2. Create a database while your files are uploading. Make a note of the db name, username, and password as you will need it during your Drupal installation.
  3. After the files finish uploading, browse to your website address,(the location you uploaded your files such as, select the CMS Quick Start install profile and follow the screen prompts and steps to complete the installation process.

 Installation Instructions for an Existing Drupal Site

  1. Follow step one above.
  2. Open the theme package folder and go to sites > all > themes and copy the three theme folders and upload to your existing Drupal site in the sites > all > themes folder.
  3. Go to Site building > themes and set CMS [Theme Name] Custom as your default theme
  4. Assign your blocks to the available regions in the CMS theme

Please note that this will only enable the theme and will not include any of the module configurations that are automatically set up for you when you use our installation profile on a new site. If you want us to manually setup your existing site with the functionality provided in our installation profile then please login to your account and submit a paid support request and we'll respond with an estimate and how to proceed.

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 I thought this may be helpful to include for those trying to install one of the CMS profiles:

This is from

Please note that an installation profile can only be used when you're installing a new Drupal instance. This means that you can not run an installation profile on an existing Drupal to add extra functionality. You can also only select one installation profile, it is not possible to install a wiki installation profile along with a French language profile for instance.

The installation of an installation profile is not required, but optional.

If there isn't an installation profile that fits your needs, consider creating one and contributing it to the Drupal community.

Installing the profile

  1. Start by downloading the installation profile and unpacking it.
  2. Copy the entire directory that you just unpacked into the profiles directory of your core installation. For example, if you have core installed at /home/www/htdocs and you downloaded and unpacked an installation profile called "fooprofile", you would want to copy the entire "fooprofile" directory into /home/www/htdocs/profiles/fooprofile.
  3. Read the documentation on the installation pack you downloaded. This can either be found on the profile's project page (example: Innovation News Installation Profile) or in the README.TXT that came with the download (example: Drupal Hebrew Installation Profile). It should contain installation instructions such as listing the required extra modules and/or themes that you will have to download.
  4. Download these modules and themes and put them in the right directory. This is usually sites/all/modules and sites/all/themes.
  5. Go to your site's install.php and select which installation profile to install.

Enjoy your fresh pre-configured Drupal installation!


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I sure wish I had seen this when I bought the theme. I have already done too much installation work to proceed with the combo drupal/theme install. Bought lots of themes before, never seen integration like this. It would have been worth paying you teh $35!

Might I suggest you add a line or two about these options in the email that you send with the long in info for people working too fast for their own good - like me!