Enable User CommentsEnable User Comments

When you create content you have the following comment settings:

  • Disabled
  • Read only
  • Read/Write

You can manually adjust these settings for each individual type of content you create or if you prefer you can adjust the content type settings so that your desired comment setting is enabled by default each time you create that type of content.

For example most people do not want comments enabled for informational pages such as an about us page so for the page content type the comment setting can be disabled by default. On the other hand most people that write articles and blog posts want user's to comment and engage in a dialogue about the article or blog post. In this scenario it is ideal to have comments enabled by default.

To adjust the default comment settings per content type:

  1. Go to: Content management > Content types > Edit Page, Story or whatever content type you wish to adjust.
  2. Click to expand Comment settings
  3. Click the radio button beside of your desired comment setting, scroll to the bottom and click save.