CMS Drupal Theme Features and BenefitsCMS Drupal Theme Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of buying our Drupal themes are listed below. Also check out this theme features Video.

Quick and Convenient Installation

For your convenience each theme package includes:

  • Theme files plus all Drupal core and contributed modules needed to get your sites setup as per our demo sites
  • Quick Start installer – instead of manually configuring each module our Quick Start installer will automatically configure all modules and settings so that you can quickly launch your Drupal website.

Design Features

  • All of our Drupal themes are designed to work with all core Drupal content types: blog, book, forum, page, poll, and story
  • 100% tableless design
  • CSS and XHTML W3C Validation
  • Custom typography for H1-H6, block quote, and bulleted and numbered lists
  • Layered PSD file (included with the premium license) allows you or your designer to customize the graphical elements of your theme
  • Custom Sub-theme - use the sub-theme to make your customizations, this will allow you to update the main theme files without overwriting your customizations
  • Navigation Menus – organize your primary content links into a multi-level drop down menu, and utilize the header 1 and footer 1 regions for additional menus as needed
  • Multiple color/design styles selectable on the theme settings page
  • Custom icons built just for Drupal

Content Display

  • 17 collapsible block regions give you the flexibility to create hundreds of unique layouts
  • Automatic block height adjustments (for applicable themes) - some themes provide automatic height adjustment which prevents awkward space from showing when you don’t have even content in each block
  • Resizable sidebars – one left sidebar and two right sidebars are included which gives you the ability to create pages of 1 to 4 columns and you have the ability to adjust the sidebar widths on the theme settings page
  • Featured content slideshow - each theme is designed with a featured content block/slideshow on the home page that you can utilize to feature your latest and/or most important content

Content Creation

  • The WYSIWYG module and FCK Editor are installed and configured so that you can easily create content without html or if you prefer you can easily disable the editor and use html.
  • The IMCE module is installed and configured so that you can easily upload and embed images in your content

SEO Features

  • SEO Friendly URL’s – automatically converts your content title to a URL such as /title-of-your-content or you can disable this feature and define a custom URL of your choice.
  • Page title – by default Drupal will use your content title as your SEO page title, the Page title module allows you to define a different page title than your content title
  • Meta tags – ability to define meta descriptions and other meta tags as desired H1-H6 – ability to define heading 1 to 6 tags Alt text – ability to specify alt text for images
  • Canonical URLs – the htaccess file is setup to 301 redirect to the www version of your site which will prevent duplicate content.
  • Google Analytics – GA module installed so that you can simply enter your GA code and start tracking your website’s statistics
  • Global redirect module – prevents duplicate content by 301 redirecting node/id and old aliases to your current SEO friendly URL’s.
  • Path redirect module - allows you to specify a redirect from one path to another path or an external URL, using any HTTP redirect status

Cross Browser Compatibility

All of our themes are designed to work in the latest stable browser versions of IE, FF, Safari, and Chrome.

Support and Documentation

  • Client support ticket system
  • Access to download theme updates and bug fixes
  • Free Drupal 7 theme upgrades (for premium license and themes club members)
  • Quick Start Theme Guides/Documentation


If you are looking for a specific type of Drupal theme, feature, or functionality please use our contact form and let us know and we'll consider it when designing new themes and updating existing themes.