Configure SEO Page Title SettingsConfigure SEO Page Title Settings

The Page title also referred to as an SEO title or title tag, is a brief description to inform users and search engines what your content is about. The page title shows at the top of your web browser and is displayed when your site is found in the search engines.

For example if you do a Google search for "pottery knobs" it displays the listing as shown in the image below. 

SEO Page Title in Google Search Results

The image below shows the position of the page title at the top of your browser window. 

SEO Page Title Shown in Firefox Browser

Configure Your Page Titles

To configure your page titles use the admin menu and go to: Content management > Page titles and you'll see the options below.

Page Title Patterns


The Pattern default setting will automatically display the title of your content followed by your site name that you defined on the site information page. If you don’t want the site name to show on each page then delete [site-name] and only the title of your content will show for each page.


Use the Pattern field to define your front or home page title.

User Profile

Allows you to define the page title pattern for user profile pages. You can skip this for now and adjust it later if you decide it is needed.

Content Type – Page and Story

Leave the pattern field blank for page and story unless you want a different page title structure than the default. Under the show field column you’ll notice these boxes are checked. When you create content this gives you the option to specify a custom page title instead. If you create or enable a new content type you will need to come back to this page and check the show field if you want the ability to specify custom page titles for that new content type.

Pattern for pages that contain a pager

You can skip this option for now and come back to it later if needed.

Available Tokens List

You’ll notice in the Patterns field that it contains text such as [page-title]. This is a token. Click the Available Tokens List link and it will expand to show all available tokens.