Content Creation OverviewContent Creation Overview

Content types and blocks are the two primary ways of creating content in Drupal.

Content Types

A content type is a template that you fill in with content (text, links, images, etc…) to create a web page. Content types make it easy to quickly and consistently create specific types of content as defined by the administrator. Drupal comes with several default content types and advanced users can create custom content types as well. The default content types include Page, Story, Book, Blog post, Forum topic, and Poll.


A block is a widget or a container for content. For example, if you wanted to display a Donate button in the right side bar of every page of your site you could do this with a block. Other common uses for blocks include displaying ads, embedding a newsletter sign up form, showing a list of recent comments, showing a list of related links, etc… You can display a block in the left and right side bars of your site and in other regions of your site that are provided by your Drupal theme.