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Building Robust Drupal 6 User Profiles with the Content Profile module


Drupal has a great reputation for serving the sphere of [SNS] Social Networking Sites. At the heart of any SNS is a robust user profile experience. Think of Facebook and the rich information that a user can enter about themselves. Over at LinkedIn its somewhat similar in approach but the information is quite different and even used in different ways.

Can Drupal do any of this? [Robust profiles that can serve a variety of purposes]]


Site Launch Checklist - VIDEO


It's takes a lot of effort to build a Drupal site and if you're not careful you might think you're job is done once you publish the site for the world to see. There are more than a couple good lists out there that are full of recommendations as to what you should do at the time of launch. I had noticed that a few things were missing on these lists so I have formulated my own.

Drupal Tutorial Video: Spotlight on the Views_Customfield Module


This is one of my GEEKY-est videos yet! The Views CustomField module adds three new, optional fields in the FIELDS section of the VIEWS UI. The uses for these three fields are endless but I'm going to explain how I've used it and give you some sense of the power of this module.

Drupal Tutorial Video: Spotlight on the TOOLBAR Module


If we're honest with ourselves then we know that some clients often have a hard time navigating around the sites that we build for them. I just discovered the TOOLBAR module which REALLY helps out in this arena. Here's my VIDEO and a BLOG POST to get you started.

Find the Project Page here:

Tutorial Video: Spotlighting the Arrange Fields Module


The Arrange Fields module allows you to use a Javascript enabled GUI to rearrange the fields of any form. This could be done with the CCK manage fields screen but that only allows reordering across the vertical plane. With this module you get a huge grid upon which you can place fields across the X and Y axis.
Another cool feature is the ADD MARKUP button which allows you to add text or valid HTML markup into the layout. I've played around with it and it's real nice for adding extra HELPER text or even Horizontal Rules <hr> to your layout.

Drupal Video: Admin Tricks with MODULE FILTER & VERTICAL TABS


You have to agree that Drupal admin screens can be pretty gnarly to interact with. If you want a better looking Modules listing page and if you want a tidier node add and node edit form... Then read on and watch the video at the end.

OK. I Pride myself on being HIPP and knowing about the newest modules and the coolest modules. I can not explain how I missed the MODULE FILTER module.

Viewing useful information from Drupal's report system


If you've never used it before, then you haven't been enjoying the realtime data available from Drupal's built-in report system. Users of the Admin_Menu can simply mouseover the REPORTS section and see a list of reports that you can view. Personally I use it frequently and find it to be rather handy. In this video I cover a few of the things I do with it as well as cover a few contributed modules that add to the functionality.

Video: Using the POPUPS API in Drupal6


Have you ever wanted to add the dazzle of POPUPS to your site? Maybe you have used lightbox for the POPUP effect on images, but how do you simply add popups to other elements or pages or forms?

One of our faithful Drupal Video Blog watchers asked for an explanation of the POPUPS API module which can be downloaded at and does a very good job of explaining itself. But this video will get you through it even quicker!

Here's what I did:

CMSQuickStart Helping Out with the Drupal Dojo


Here at CMSQuickStart we know that Drupal didn't magically appear under our pillow one night after we left a thumbdrive under the pillow. We appreciate the fact that countless hours of dedicated contributions have occurred, are occurring and continue to occur. We subscribe to the philosophy that the shops that benefit from Drupal need to add value to the project by giving back to the community. The Drupal Dojo is just that opportunity.

Share your Drupal Screenshots with JING


Drupal is awesome and you already know that. There no limit to the number of tools available out there that can improve your productivity and make you look good. In this video I'm looking at JING a product from TechSmith. You may know them as the same people who brought you Camtasia which is what I use for all the videos I make.

Why use JING?

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