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Installing Drupal 7 On a Green Geeks Shared Hosting account


This tutorial covers how to install Drupal7 on your shared hosting account.In my example I use the following:

In my example I use the following: 

Installing Drupal 7 On Shared Hosting


This tutorial covers how to install Drupal7 on your shared hosting account.In my example I use the following:

In my example I use the following: 

Test Drive Drupal7 with CMSQuickStart on the Drupal-Dojo Screencast


If you haven't checked out the DrupalDojo then you need to. Back in its hayday it was THE GOTO PLACE to get educated on Drupal configuration. Thanks to Gus Austin the DoJo is back.

Check us out at: and

 I had the pleasure of doing my 2nd go-around with the Drupal-Dojo sessions. This time we installed Drupal7 and took it for a test drive!
Check it out!

Previewing DrupalCon San Francisco


In a few weeks the Moscone Center in San Francisco California will play host to 2000+ Drupalers for this year's annual North American DrupalCon.

Open source loving web developers from around the world will work on their tan and share their knowledge in 6 simultaneous tracks across three days. On the day before DrupalCon there will be daylong special events for those who want to get started in Drupal or get some focused training on very specific aspects. There will also be a number of code-sprints where teams work together to advance various areas of the Drupal project; such as contributed modules, documentation and the much anticipated coming of Drupal7.

A bigger DrupalCon means more tracks which is great for the newcomers to Drupal. The beginners track is loaded down with the basics and essentials that the uninitiated will devour. In years past, people have come to DrupalCons not understanding the basics. They sat in rooms full of uber-nerds and listened to Drupal-Ninjas wax poetic about Nodes, Fields, APIs, Code, and other jargon; all the while trying to grab what they could from it all. The introduction of the beginner track is a huge step forward in putting a friendly face on the front door of Drupal. I wil be delivering 2 beginner sessions and joining California native Rain Breaw as we team up for 2 additional sessions. A big thanks to the DrupalCon organizers for seeing our vision of a 2-part session and approving it!

VIDEO: Installing Drupal 7 in under FIVE minutes.


Hey! Doug Vann here! I'm happy to be joining the team at CMS Quick Start. You're going to see me doing videos, blogs, and podcasts as I share the awesomeness of Drupal!

Today we have a 4 minute video for you that shows the process of installing Drupal 7.

Our Drupal Theme Design Process and a Checklist of Drupal Design Elements


Building a theme for a single site is a fairly straightforward task. You know the content, you know which pages you need to build, and you can create your site design around that. Creating a theme that multiple people can use is a different story. Without knowing which modules, features, and content types people will use, you need to cover things with a broader sense in mind. With that said, let's go over some of the points you are going to want to hit on when you are building a Drupal theme for common use.

Review of Drupal 7 New Features


2010 Premium Drupal Themes Road Map

We've received a lot of great feedback for our current Drupal themes so our plan for 2010 is simple... continue to design beautiful, new Drupal themes and enhance the value of being a member of our Drupal themes club.

In 2010 we plan to launch 20 to 25 new Drupal themes for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 that will include:
  • small business and corporate themes
  • magazine and news themes
  • travel, vacation, property rental and real estate themes
  • professional and medical services themes
  • Ubercart e-commerce themes for both physical and digital product sites
  • Membership themes for consultants and experts that wish to sell access to their expertise
  • City Guide theme for building a town or city business directory and reviews site
  • At least two free premium themes will be contributed to the community
Focus on Quality Not Quantity

We spend 60 to 80+ hours designing, developing, and testing each of our themes. I'm sure we could slash this production cycle down to only a few hours like many of the big brands have done and pump out hundreds of cheap, low quality website templates that pollute the internet, but hey that's not us. There are too many ugly websites polluting the internet so we're doing something about it... one beautiful Drupal theme at a time.

Turn-key Functionality

If you're new to Drupal then you know Drupal has a steep learning curve. Our goal is to help you quickly launch your Drupal site so with each theme we plan to provide you with a Quick Start installer that will configure essential functionality for you in minutes instead of the hours it would take to manually configure. For more details review our Drupal Theme Features and Benefits.

Release Drupal 7 Themes

Drupal 7 will be released in 2010 so we've already started upgrading our Drupal 6 themes to Drupal 7 and should have several themes ready soon after the stable release of Drupal 7.


We'd love to hear from you. What kind of Drupal site are you building? What kind of Drupal theme designs do you need? What turn-key functionality is essential for your website? How can we help you?

Please let us know via our contact form.

Features Video of the CMS Grunge Drupal Theme


This video provides a features overview for one of our premium Drupal themes - CMS Grunge.

Designing with Drupal in Mind

Designing for Drupal
With careful consideration and planning, there is nothing you cannot build with Drupal.

Design isn't something you can sit and nail down in an afternoon. It takes years of practice, training, and self-improvement to become a good designer, so for the purpose of this post, let's assume that we've all come from a design background. Drupal is a great system that allows you to give tremendous flexibility to your clients. Unfortunately, as of the version 6 release, it's not exactly something you can just sit down and immediately build amazing sites with (things are definitely looking up for version 7 however). Because it is a CMS with thousands of contributed modules, there is nothing that you can't throw at it, the the only question is: how do you tackle the responsibility of creating a site using Drupal?

As I said before, web design is a comprehensive and involved process. CMS Quickstart isn't just a clever name, we are trying to simplify the hard part for the customer, and the way we do that is by creating meaningful, feature-rich themes that are pre-configured to go live right from the start. Designing for templates is drastically different from designing for a specific client because you don't really know how the site implementer will decide to use the theme. In this post, we're going to break down the process a bit and let you know the steps needed for creating fully-functioning Drupal themes.

Need a Custom Designed Theme?

If you need a custom designed theme for your business then our designers can work with you to create a unique concept that is consistent with your brand, clearly communicates your value proposition and helps you achieve your goals. >> Click here to contact us and let us know about your needs and we'll analyze and provide you with an estimate for designing and development your custom theme.