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CMS Wave: A Colorful Theme for Blogs and Children Sites


CMS WaveCMS Wave is a fun, colorful theme for use in personal blogs or children sites. Bright colors, graphics, and block styles all serve to attract and hold your user's attention without distracting from your content. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. Explore what opportunities this theme provides by trying out different color combinations and background colors to find something that fits your style or brand. Whatever combinations you choose, be assured that you will have a playful, attractive design in your hands.

Possible uses could include personal or family blogs, kids products or services, creative services, product display, and portfolios. CMS Wave is waiting and ready to bring attention to your content today.

CMS Breeze: A Clean Theme for Business Blogs


CMS BreezeCMS Breeze is a great theme for sites like business blogs and many other general purpose site types. Give it a try for your business site or formal blog. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. There are a few elements that make Breeze stand out in the crowd, including soft transparent background effects, subtle accenting colors, and full colored backgrounds in your choice of colors. Dates are displayed in a calendar-style box on your posts and content is separated in clearly defined boxes.

Possible uses could include product display or reviews, formal blogs, various business applications, and online services. Careful attention to content display, Clean and elegant lines and backgrounds, and a contrasting featured content area make this theme perfectly suited to any application.

CMS Gourmet: An Elegant Theme for Restaurants and Wineries


CMS GourmetCMS Gourmet is a brand new theme that fulfills a nice range of elegant site types. Gourmet works really well for restaurants, wineries, and other sites that are in the food industry. It could also work for many other categories such as weddings or other formal events. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. We tried to provide a rich, luxurious tone for your content and included various subtle details to engage and add value for your viewers. A light, textured main content area will really stand out against the wood and dark grained backgrounds provided with this theme.

Possible uses could include fine dining and spirits, weddings and special occasions, and locale or event hosting. With specially-crafted typographic elements, textures, and icons, CMS Gourmet provides a great space with which to fill your content and messages.

Using the Admin Role Module to share access to your Drupal Site


One of the essential functionalities of Drupal which attracts a lot of people to the project is it's ability to configure user's ROLES and PERMISSION with astounding granularity and security. That works very well when you want to have a variety of users with very specific ROLES and PERMISSIONS, but there was a time when this didn't work so well when you wanted to give someone else the same admin rights that you, the site owner, have.

Backing up your Drupal site with the Demo Module


I probably don't have to tell you how important it is to keep your Drupal site backed up. However, if you don't know some of the methods that are commonly used to accomplish the task, chances are that you are not backing up your site.

In this VIDEO I show how to take SNAPSHOTS of your website's database with the DEMO module. I also discuss how to copy your website's FILES so that you can use them if you need to do a total restore of your site.

Here's What We Did:

Drupal 6 Attachment Display in VIEWS


Out of the box, VIEWS in Drupal 6 offers FOUR displays; PAGE, BLOCK, FEED and ATTACHMENT. Of the four the latter is the least used and least understood. So that's exactly what we'll tackle here!

First, I'll quickly review the three that you probably know.

  • PAGE
    •  User enters a PATH and the output of the VIEW is viewable at that URL.
    •  A BLOCK is created when the view is saved. Going to the Blocks Admin section shows that the newly created BLOCK is disabled and needs to be assigned to a region.
  • FEED
    •  Custom XML FEEDS can be created to supply users and robots with FEEDS that are tagged with specific taxonomy OR event details for events that are upconing, etc.

And here's what we did with the ATTACHMENT display.
I already had a page display created earlier which simply showed the 10 most recent blog posts and only showed specific fields. 

We then selected ATTACHMENT from the Drop Down Selector of Displays and then selected CREATE DISPLAY. 
At this point we made some configuration changes, most notably changing from Fields to Nodes, and from 10 to 1 with an offset of one to avoid duplicate results.
After this we had to configure the attachment settings. We observed that the POSITION setting was set to BEFORE and that the ATTACH TO setting was set to NONE. We changes the NONE to PAGE so that the ATTACHMENT display would attach to the PAGE display and appear BEFORE it.

The preview bore witness to our success BUT we visited the actual page to see it in its glory.

Enjoy the video and PLEASE give us feedback on the topics we're delivering. We've enjoyed great feedback so far and would love to hear from YOU! :-)

CMS Energize: A Bold New Versatile Drupal Theme


CMS EnergizeCMS Energize is a bold Drupal theme that really stands out in the crowd, great for making your best content pop. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. Clearly defined region separations and distinct color combinations allow you to space and organize things how you want.

Possible uses could include fun sites, business applications, community portals, and blogs. The versatility of Energize really comes into play when you look at the vast array of customization options. This is our first theme to feature 3 separate color selectors. Whatever the application, have a look at CMS Energize today.

CMS City Guide: Drupal Theme for City or Community Portals


CMS CityguideCMS City Guide is a clear, structured Drupal theme aimed at groups and organizations who want to make an online portal for there city or town. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. Clearly marked blocks and strong typography help complete the look by ensuring content is well marked and asscessible.

Possible uses could include city or town government websites, large or small organizations, community portals, and event websites. If you need a Drupal site that can showcase your local events or keep citizens up to date on the latest news, impress them with a great new look for your site with CMS City Guide.

CMS Flare: Drupal Theme for a Software or Technology Business


CMS FlareCMS Flare is a sleek theme aimed at blogs, businesses, and organizations who need a clean, contrasting look to their site. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. Several block themes are also included to help complete the look.

Possible uses could include tech or company blogs, product display, portfolios, or software / service industries. Whether you are looking for a hi-tech theme or a pixel-perfect way to show off your product, CMS Flare is a solid choice.

Process of Installing and Enabling Modules in Drupal 7 - A Major Improvement


Installing Modules just became a whole lot easier in Drupal 7!

In this video we're going to show off the new and amazing feature in Drupal 7 that allows you to simply paste in the address of your favorite contributed Drupal modules and then let Drupal do the tedious work of downloading and installing it. Alternately you can point the interface to a local archive file and upload it from there.

Previously you had to go to and download the compressed file to your computer THEN unpack the file THEN use Command Line Linux OR an FTP program to get the folder and all of its content up to the server. If you were successful at this process then you would see your newly added module appear in the list of modules on your admin/build/modules page.

But now!

Drupal 7 comes with a nifty installer feature. It not only works for modules but for themes as well. In fact it's not just for contributed modules and themes. You can keep archive files of custom modules or themes and use the same interface to install those as well. Many of you, like me, are saying, "Yah, this is great but what took so long!?" Indeed WordPress and Joomla have been doing this for quite a while. I don't have a good answer for this question. I'm just happy its there and offer major thanks to everyone that put in the time and effort to get it done!

To follow along with this example all you need is a Drupal 7 install and nothing more.

  1. You simply click on the MODULES button on the admin navigation.
  2. Select the INSTALL NEW MODULE option.
  3. Navigate to the Modules directory via the provided link. Select the module you desire and find the Drupal7 version.
  4. Right click [or CMD-Click] the DOWNLOAD link and COPY the url of the link.
  5. Go back to the Drupal 7 Module Installation screen and PASTE the url into the field asking for a url.
  6. Submit the page and enjoy your new module.

Actually you need to hit the list button and look for the module then ENABLE it via the check box next to your new module. It is also possible that the module you downloaded may have some DEPENDENCIES meaning that the module requires OTHER modules to be in place first. These will be very clearly indicated if that is the case.

Need a Custom Designed Theme?

If you need a custom designed theme for your business then our designers can work with you to create a unique concept that is consistent with your brand, clearly communicates your value proposition and helps you achieve your goals. >> Click here to contact us and let us know about your needs and we'll analyze and provide you with an estimate for designing and development your custom theme.