Test Drive Drupal7 with CMSQuickStart on the Drupal-Dojo ScreencastTest Drive Drupal7 with CMSQuickStart on the Drupal-Dojo Screencast


If you haven't checked out the DrupalDojo then you need to. Back in its hayday it was THE GOTO PLACE to get educated on Drupal configuration. Thanks to Gus Austin the DoJo is back.

Check us out at: http://drupaldojo.com/ and http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-dojo

 I had the pleasure of doing my 2nd go-around with the Drupal-Dojo sessions. This time we installed Drupal7 and took it for a test drive!
Check it out!

Join me as I show off FIELDS in core, the new OVERLAY admin feature, the new PACKAGE INSTALLER, and more.

WARNING... At the time of this recording Drupal7 is in ALPHA3 Release, thus you will see some unexpected results. 

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