Share your Drupal Screenshots with JINGShare your Drupal Screenshots with JING


Drupal is awesome and you already know that. There no limit to the number of tools available out there that can improve your productivity and make you look good. In this video I'm looking at JING a product from TechSmith. You may know them as the same people who brought you Camtasia which is what I use for all the videos I make.

Why use JING?

Simple. We live in a visual world. The web, for all of its multimedia presence, is still predominantly a visual medium. You can't always EXPLAIN an experience or observation. There comes a time when you have to SHOW someone what your saying. You see this happen in the Drupal Chat Rooms in IRC. Some one explains that a module isn't doing what they expected. Some one asks some probing questions hoping to troubleshoot the situation. Before long no one is convinced that the individual is completely sane. Why is this? they could not adequately describe the situation they are experiencing.


In this video I take you through an excellent use-case where we use JING to take a screenshot of a webpage then use the Jing-Editor to draw boxes and add notes to the screen. NOTE: I am using the paid version but hey! It's only $14.95 a year. This allows you to post the screenshot to the web and share the URL with anyone you wish! Imagine how cool you look when you send a client a screenshot of their site with boxes and arrows drawn on it and ask them to identify the layout element that they are trying to explain! Trust me, JING makes you look very professional AND saves loads of banter.


Well... yes, kind of. JING video has a 5minute limit and offers little to no editing features. Its most common use is to add videos to PowerPoints and Keynote slides or other quick one-off videos. These too can be published instantly on the web and you can also integrate some webcam shots if you want to be in the video!

LET US KNOW if you want to see more videos of the tools and tricks we use to get our Drupal on!


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