Previewing DrupalCon San Francisco Previewing DrupalCon San Francisco


In a few weeks the Moscone Center in San Francisco California will play host to 2000+ Drupalers for this year's annual North American DrupalCon.

Open source loving web developers from around the world will work on their tan and share their knowledge in 6 simultaneous tracks across three days. On the day before DrupalCon there will be daylong special events for those who want to get started in Drupal or get some focused training on very specific aspects. There will also be a number of code-sprints where teams work together to advance various areas of the Drupal project; such as contributed modules, documentation and the much anticipated coming of Drupal7.

A bigger DrupalCon means more tracks which is great for the newcomers to Drupal. The beginners track is loaded down with the basics and essentials that the uninitiated will devour. In years past, people have come to DrupalCons not understanding the basics. They sat in rooms full of uber-nerds and listened to Drupal-Ninjas wax poetic about Nodes, Fields, APIs, Code, and other jargon; all the while trying to grab what they could from it all. The introduction of the beginner track is a huge step forward in putting a friendly face on the front door of Drupal. I wil be delivering 2 beginner sessions and joining California native Rain Breaw as we team up for 2 additional sessions. A big thanks to the DrupalCon organizers for seeing our vision of a 2-part session and approving it!

While the intermediates and advanced Drupalers get their usual dose of education there will be two tracks geared towards business development and best practices. The track labeled Providing Professional Drupal Services will dive into topics like, project managment, marketing, and tips for freelancers. The other business track, labeled Leveraging Drupal for your business looks at Drupal's role in markets such as Higher Education, Libraries, Government, Publishing, and Entertainment. For both of the business tracks there are a wide number of panel discussions which are sure to maximize the transfer of knowledge.

Who is going to DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco? Well, In addition to me and other members of CMS Quick Start you can expect to see the who's who of Drupal Core and Drupal Contributed Module developers. Just about every major Drupal shop will have many employees there and quite a few will have their entire shop on site for the event. As you would expect there is plenty of networking going on. People will find jobs. Jobs will find people. Organizations will find contractors and new, strategic partnerships will emerge. All this will happen on each and every day of the event!

Can't make it, but wish you could? All of the 3-track sessions will be recorded and made available online for free.

While this is good news for those who miss it altogether, this is even better news for those of us onsite who are torn over this awesome session versus that other awesome session. Not to mention that for 4 sessions I'm on stage and totally missing everyone else's presentations!


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