Features Video of the CMS Grunge Drupal Theme Features Video of the CMS Grunge Drupal Theme


This video provides a features overview for one of our premium Drupal themes - CMS Grunge.

Transcript of the CMS Grunge Theme Features Video

The CMS Grunge Theme has a dark, edgy design with grungy textures, block headings, and background styles that really make your content stand out.

Three background styles are included: concrete, wall paper, and wood plus 4 color settings: blue, gold, green, and pink.

The CMS Grunge theme is designed to work with all core Drupal content types and comes with a primary links menu which allows you to organize your content into multiple levels. You can also add secondary menu links in a footer menu at the bottom of the page.

A featured slideshow is provided on the home page so you can showcase your most important content.

For content creation a WYSIWYG editor and Image management module are pre-configured so that you can easily add text, links, and images without using html, however if preferred you can disable the editor and use html. For usability and SEO purposes you can format your text using H1 to H6 heading tags.

Other Essential SEO Features include SEO friendly URL’s and the ability to define your page titles and meta tags. Additional SEO modules are installed for your convenience such as Google Analytics, Path Redirect, and Global redirect modules.

Content Layout Options include 17 block regions that you can utilize to create hundreds of unique page layouts. 3 of these block regions are sidebars. You can utilize the sidebars to create 1 to 4 column page layouts and for added flexibility you can adjust the width of each sidebar on the theme settings page under Layout options.

To purchase the CMS Grunge theme go to CMSQuickstart.com and click on the Drupal themes tab, scroll down to the Grunge theme and click on the Purchase button, choose a standard or premium license and click add to cart.

Or if you prefer you can join our Drupal themes club and get the CMS Grunge theme along with all other themes for a greatly reduced price.  For more information scroll down the themes club page to see a comparison table of standard, premium, and themes club options as well as frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page.

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