Drupal Tutorial Video: Spotlight on the TOOLBAR ModuleDrupal Tutorial Video: Spotlight on the TOOLBAR Module


If we're honest with ourselves then we know that some clients often have a hard time navigating around the sites that we build for them. I just discovered the TOOLBAR module which REALLY helps out in this arena. Here's my VIDEO and a BLOG POST to get you started.

Find the Project Page here: http://drupal.org/project/toolbar

After installing the module and enabling it you will have the DEFAULT toolbar appearing at the top of every screen in your site. NOTE: You must scroll down just a little so that your ADMIN_MENU bar is OFF of the screen, otherwise it covers up your TOOLBAR. So obviously you won't want to give your users both.

There are THREE shortcut links on the default toolbar.

  • Admin - The standard Drupal admin page which lists all admin links per category.
  • Toolbar settings - Lists each ROLE on your site and allows you to assign a TOOLBAR to each ROLE
  • Administer toolbar = Allows you to edit existing TOOLBARS or create new ones

It is simple to create new toolbars and add shortcut links to them within the "Administer toolbar" page . Once you do you can visit the "Toolbar settings" page and assign that new toolbar to whatever role you desire.


As I mentioned... Sometimes we assume our clients will fall right into the Drupal way of navigating from task to task. Sometimes we give them modified versions of the admin menu. I have often created custom blocks and placed menus in them that appear only on pages where those menu items would be relevant. I will continue to do this. However, what I really like about the TOOLBAR module is that I can place shortcut links that stay VISIBLE on EVERY PAGE that the client visits.  This is where I plan on placing some of the most important links

Enjoy the video!.




flymatic's picture

Thanx Doug! That's another useful module found by you :)

sun's picture

But you are aware that admin_menu 3.x ships with a admin_menu_toolbar module...?

Doug Vann's picture

 Cool! You are referring to :


6.x-3.0-alpha4Download (68.23 KB)2010-Mar-10Notes


Alpha4 sounds like it's coming right along. Would you suggest that this is a viable solution for production environments? If not now, then when? Is it ready enough for me to do a video on it?

THNX for pointing this out!

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