CMS Visibility: A Versatile Business or Blog Theme CMS Visibility: A Versatile Business or Blog Theme


CMS VisibilityCMS Visibility pleases the crowd with a great clean look that users love. A striking colored content area shares the space with the navigation and header and contrasts the rest of the page. Simple color schemes help produce a wide array of customization and choices, all maintaining a versatile look and feel that fits any requirements. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. Explore what opportunities this theme provides by trying out 5 different color combinations and 6 background colors to find something that fits your style or brand. Use the featured area on the front page or a variety of pages to create an attractive stage for your best content.

Possible uses could include corporate sites, products or services, creative services, product display, technical or corporate blogs, and portfolios. CMS Visibility provides a great web presence for any need and the added benefit of an excellent content management system.


CMS Visibility OverviewMeet CMS Visibility


CMS Visibility OverviewA striking color seperation between content draws the users eyes to your content.


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