CMS Perception: A Bold Corporate or Product Display ThemeCMS Perception: A Bold Corporate or Product Display Theme


CMS Perception*Updated! Drupal 7 Version Now Available!

CMS Perception is a clear, simple theme that is perfect for displaying your company's web presence or displaying your newest product. A simple color scheme keeps things distinct while a bold featured content area serves to draw the user's attention right to you most important message. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. Explore what opportunities this theme provides by trying out seven different color combinations and five backgrounds to find something that fits your style or brand. Fill in your featured content block with a nice big image of your latest product and allow Perception's typography and theme settings help get your message through.

Possible uses could include corporate sites, products or services, creative services, product display, technical or corporate blogs, and portfolios. CMS Perception will get your content the attention it deserves in the most straightforward manner possible.


CMS Perception OverviewMeet CMS Perception


CMS Perception OverviewMinimal color schemes and simple content seperators make this an ideal corporate theme.


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