2010 Premium Drupal Themes Road Map2010 Premium Drupal Themes Road Map

We've received a lot of great feedback for our current Drupal themes so our plan for 2010 is simple... continue to design beautiful, new Drupal themes and enhance the value of being a member of our Drupal themes club.

In 2010 we plan to launch 20 to 25 new Drupal themes for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 that will include:
  • small business and corporate themes
  • magazine and news themes
  • travel, vacation, property rental and real estate themes
  • professional and medical services themes
  • Ubercart e-commerce themes for both physical and digital product sites
  • Membership themes for consultants and experts that wish to sell access to their expertise
  • City Guide theme for building a town or city business directory and reviews site
  • At least two free premium themes will be contributed to the Drupal.org community
Focus on Quality Not Quantity

We spend 60 to 80+ hours designing, developing, and testing each of our themes. I'm sure we could slash this production cycle down to only a few hours like many of the big brands have done and pump out hundreds of cheap, low quality website templates that pollute the internet, but hey that's not us. There are too many ugly websites polluting the internet so we're doing something about it... one beautiful Drupal theme at a time.

Turn-key Functionality

If you're new to Drupal then you know Drupal has a steep learning curve. Our goal is to help you quickly launch your Drupal site so with each theme we plan to provide you with a Quick Start installer that will configure essential functionality for you in minutes instead of the hours it would take to manually configure. For more details review our Drupal Theme Features and Benefits.

Release Drupal 7 Themes

Drupal 7 will be released in 2010 so we've already started upgrading our Drupal 6 themes to Drupal 7 and should have several themes ready soon after the stable release of Drupal 7.


We'd love to hear from you. What kind of Drupal site are you building? What kind of Drupal theme designs do you need? What turn-key functionality is essential for your website? How can we help you?

Please let us know via our contact form.

Need a Custom Designed Theme?

If you need a custom designed theme for your business then our designers can work with you to create a unique concept that is consistent with your brand, clearly communicates your value proposition and helps you achieve your goals. >> Click here to contact us and let us know about your needs and we'll analyze and provide you with an estimate for designing and development your custom theme.