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Engage Your Visitors Using Splash Pages in Drupal 7


 Chances are when you launch your site you are not feature complete. Often times it is best to get a site launched as quickly as possible and then work on adding additional features down the line. However, this creates a problem: how do you engage your visitors and let them know about new features?


Create a tiled Views layout in Drupal 7

Content management systems are not always known for their ease of layout. Drupal has such a vast array of modules to extend your site, but often times we forget that you can do some really creative things with layouts. Today we're going to look at a javascript plugin called Masonry and how we can use it to build amazing fluid tile layouts. Let's look at what we'll be building:

Let's Get Active: Speed Up Your Drupal Themeing Process


I remember back when Macromedia Dreamweaver made active web development accessible to the average designer. It allowed for live, active updating of site code in a preview window that eliminated the time-eating process of manually refreshing the browser after making code changes. Fortunately, we now have the power to do the same thing and use our own preferred coding tools. Today, I'm going to go over some options for front end developers that will allow you to see styling changes in the browser without manually refreshing.

User friendly site backups with the Backup and Migrate suite


As a designer I often feel out of my element whenever I have to crank open an FTP client (or even command line) into my site to perform file backups on a regular basis. It gets worse when you have to perform database backups, you usually have to use a third party tool like phpMyAdmin which leaves the uniformed user open to making tragic mistakes. No one ever wants to have the sinking feeling of attempting to restore from a faulty backup.

Do you know what all of this means? If not, it's time to find an easier solution.

Building Mobile-friendly Menus in Drupal 7


When was the last time you looked at your site analytics? Over the last 5 years, mobile web browsing has taken off and many businesses and organizations have been brushing their mobile users under the carpet. You don't need to do this! You can convert a basic Drupal site to be more mobile-friendly in short amount of time, and using modules or plugins can save you a ton of time. Today we're going to look at some different techniques or plugins you can use to convert your site menu to a mobile-friendly format.

Comparison of pagination techniques for Drupal 7


Pagination is one of those elements we take for granted. Most of the time it works fine out of the box and requires no customization or configuration. However, you do indeed have options in this department and changing the pagination can greatly benefit a site that has hundreds or thousands of pieces of content. Today we're going to examine a few different modules and techniques you can use to improve the speed and efficiency of content browsing.

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Tutorial - Designing a search experience in Drupal


It's always there, just sitting taking up space. Much of the time it goes unused, but you want to keep it there just in case. I'm talking about the search box, and it has become a ubiquitous but often overlooked element of a site. Designers like me were often very limited in terms of what could be done in terms of customization of the search feature in Drupal. Nowadays, modules developers have given us some powerful and simple to use tools to tone the search experience. Today we're going to look at one solution to the search problem.

Tutorial - Better advertisement integration with Drupal 7 & Views


It's a trap that a lot of sites fall into: you get the site designed and developed, you're finishing up implementation and then it hits you. Where are we going to put the ads? Maybe we'll just throw them in the sidebar or above the header...

Tutorial - What to do before your Drupal 7 site has launched


We've done a lot of different tutorials regarding what you can do to expand your current site features, but what about things you can do before your site launches? Today we're going to be building a teaser countdown page that will allow people to visit your URL and hopefully generate some interest. To make it a touch better, we're going to be incorporating a email form that will add the visitor to a mailing list which you can then use to contact once you launch.


CMS Commerce: An E-Commerce Drupal Theme


CMS CommerceA Drupal 7 E-Commerce Theme!

Introducing our second niche Drupal theme. We've had overwhelming demand to produce an e-commerce theme that anyone can use to get a online store up and running in no time. CMS Commerce comes bundled with Ubercart, a web site commerce package that is utilized by hundreds of popular websites. A special content type for products is built into the install package meaning you can launch the theme and be on your way to creating your store very quickly. In addition, you get all the goodies that come with Ubercart including various shipping settings, tax options, product tracking, payment process options, and more.

On top of that you get all the normal content options that come with our other themes, meaning you can use CMS Commerce to host your blog, forums, or whatever you need to maintain your brand. As with all our themes, there are 17 regions that you can use to place all of your content as well as the flexibility of our custom theme settings. Explore what opportunities this theme provides by trying out 6 different link color combinations and 7 background colors to find something that fits your style, brand, or image. A ready-to-use featured content area provides for a prominent front page area to feature sales or daily deals.

Need a Custom Designed Theme?

If you need a custom designed theme for your business then our designers can work with you to create a unique concept that is consistent with your brand, clearly communicates your value proposition and helps you achieve your goals. >> Click here to contact us and let us know about your needs and we'll analyze and provide you with an estimate for designing and development your custom theme.