Adjust Sidebar WidthsAdjust Sidebar Widths

To adjust the width of the sidebars:

  1. Go to: Site building > Themes > Configure > CMS Theme Custom
  2. Scroll down and under Theme-specific settings click to expand Layout settings
  3. Define the pixel width for each sidebar, scroll to the bottom and click save configuration

Notes about using sidebar width settings

Our themes are designed according to the 12 column 960 pixel grid system. (see:

The 960 grid system leaves 10 pixels of margin on the left and right side of your page which leaves 940 pixels of space for your content area and sidebars. If you don’t have any blocks assigned to a sidebar then your content area will expand and fill the full 940 pixels width. If you assign a block to a side bar a 20 pixel margin/space will be inserted between your content and block in the sidebar. For example if you’ve set the right sidebar to 300 pixels and assign a block to it then the block will be 300 pixels, your content area will be 620 pixels, and there will be a 20 pixel margin so 300 + 620 + 20 = 940.

If you enable blocks in all the sidebars then make sure the combined sidebar width settings + your desired content area width do not exceed 940 pixels. Remember that 20 pixels will be inserted automatically between the blocks in your side bars and your content area. For example if you set all three sidebar widths to 140 pixels and assigned a block in each then your page would be spaced as: 140 (left sb), 20 (margin), 460 (content area), 20 (margin), 140 (right sb), 20 (margin), 140 (right sb 2).